Complementary medicine and Homoeopathy

Complementary medicine of Dr. Gudrun Pichler

Complementary medicine is based on the identification of the deep-seated causes of health disorders. Its effect depends on the mobilization and enhancing of natural defence and healing forces within the body.

Phytotherapy or herbal medicine

This form of therapy uses pure plant extracts and exploits the concentrated healing power of plants in the form of highly potent tinctures (plant juices), powders or infusions made from plant extracts.


The human body is covered with a network of acupuncture meridians and points. By means of exactly positioned acupuncture needles, the organism receives stimuli to activate defence and self-healing forces.

Neural therapy

Headaches, dizziness, back pain and nausea can all be caused by disruptive influences in the body, such as accident or surgical scars. These disruptive foci are neutralized through infiltration of a substance and the symptoms treated at their origins.

Manual therapy

Problems with joints, muscles, back? Crippled by lumbago? Manual therapy can provide immediate relief through manual stimuli in the area affected and gentle mobilization coordinated with natural respiratory phases. Using applied kinesiology techniques, I identify together with each patient the causes of acute or latent disorders and determine the most suitable complementary therapy method.      

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