New vitality with the F.X.Mayr cure


The aim of the F.X.Mayr cure is to purify, detoxify and regenerate. It is effective not only in the case of overweight; every organism - even that of slim people - reacts positively and with new vitality to the cure principle of 'protection - purification - education - substitution'.

The nature of the non-residential cure, which should last several weeks, is defined individually for each patient. Depending on the person's constitution, it can range from tea fasts for the overweight to a mild cleansing diet for the underweight - with all possible permutations in between.

The effect and tolerance are regularly checked by the doctor, who will then determine how the cure is to proceed. An essential component of the F.X.Mayr cure is the specific abdominal therapy administered twice or three times a week in the doctor's surgery. The organs being detoxified - the liver, kidneys and other glands - that have to work very hard during the cure also need support and can be strengthened or activated using complementary medicine techniques.

The F.X.Mayr cure is a cleansing programme for the organism that will make you feel reborn!